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Our Leadership


Cory Pileggi,

Lead Pastor

Cory is a graduate of Liberty University with a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Ministry and Business. He is a former intern from Bayside Community Church and was the Executive Pastor at Canvas Church, a church he helped plant. He is currently working to receive his Master's Degree in Theological Studies from Liberty. He is married to his wife, Meg; together they have 4 kids and have been foster parents to over 12 kids, with 2 kids becoming permanent members of their family.

Our Structure

Collective Church Kinston NC

Collective Church is an independent, autonomous Christian church that is supported by church planting organizations and individual churches, not a denomination. We are led by a board of directors made of up pastors, elders, and staff from our partners churches and planting organizations.

Our Mission

A church for messy people.

Jesus himself was known to be a friend of people who were considered outcasts or misfits by society's standards. He associated with tax collectors, prostitutes, and others who were marginalized, teaching that his message of hope and the forgiveness of sins was for everyone while calling people to the higher purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God. With this in mind, we desire to be a church of messy people seeking growth and living for the Kingdom of God. In this way, we will see mess become a message as Jesus transforms us and our lives become living testimonies.

Our Wins


If you or someone you know is considering baptism, we’d love to have that conversation with you! We can provide guidance, answer questions, and help you understand the significance of this step in your decision to follow Jesus.


Joining a house church will help you grow in your faith while forming lasting relationships. Sign ups for house church are open year round and we celebrate as a church when we need to start a new one.


Effective leaders inspire, motivate, and guide others toward following Jesus. This is why we say every christian is a leader and invest heavily in leadership development. Sign up to receive one-on-one coaching!

Our Beliefs

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