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A wise person is hungry for knowledge, while the fool feeds on trash.

Leadership development is a key part of our church's DNA. We believe that every christian is a leader and want to invest in the growth of our people. Anyone can sign up for this intentional one-on-one coaching and you will be matched with someone in a similar life situation as you. It only requires that you make the decision to own your growth. Our goal is that once someone finishes, they will then coach other people one-on-one through this process.

We focus on three main areas in our leadership development:

A new Life

We have been given a new life through Jesus; but what are Jesus' commands and how do we follow them?

Leading Others

We all have influence so what are basic christian principles for leading other people and how can we grow in them?

Missional Living

Living in the Kinston area, what does it mean to live a missional life in our homes, neighborhood, and communities; how can I share the gospel?

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