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Collective Church Kinston NC: Own Your Growth

church in kinston nc own your growth

"Own your growth" is a transformative mantra that encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own personal development. By acknowledging the need for continuous improvement, we can embrace an intentional approach to growing in Godliness. When individuals prioritize their growth and align it with Godly wisdom, they not only enhance their own lives but also become valuable resources for others. Sharing the wisdom gained from seeking God's guidance allows individuals to uplift and support those around them. It's a selfless act of service, rooted in the understanding that personal growth is not solely for individual benefit but also a means to positively impact the lives of others.

Continuing our sermon series covering our 5 values as a church, our third value at Collective Church here in Kinston NC is the phrase "Own Your Growth." This means that we care about walking in wisdom and growing in Godliness. We're not seeking knowledge for knowledge's sake or to know more than everyone else; we want to become more like Jesus and make an impact in the city of Kinston. While our church invests in developing leaders, every person has to ultimately decide to own their growth and make growing in Godliness a priority. You can click the button above to watch the entire message and learn more:


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