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Collective Church Kinston NC: From The Overflow

collective church kinston nc from the overflow

Living in the overflow of God's love allows us to navigate the challenges of life with a resilient spirit, drawing strength from a source that transcends our own limitations. It fosters a deep sense of inner peace, knowing that we are unconditionally accepted and cherished. This love becomes a wellspring of compassion and kindness, shaping our interactions with others. Living from the overflow means finding forgiveness through Jesus, finding joy in daily obedience and recognizing God's nearness in our everyday life. Ultimately, it is a profound surrender to a love that surpasses understanding, leading to a life infused with purpose, meaning, and an enduring sense of connection with God and others.

This phrase "From the Overflow" is our 5th and final value here at Collective Church in Kinston NC. We don't want to live life in our own strength because that will leave us feeling empty and overwhelmed. As a church, we want to live in rhythms of obedience to Jesus and we remain in His love. We follow Jesus' commands not because he forces us to, but because He knows and wants what's best for us. Remaining in His love is how we live from the overflow and pour out His love into every area of our lives.  Click the button above to watch the full sermon!


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