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Collective Church Kinston NC: Into the Mess

church in kinston nc into the mess

Venturing "into the mess" to love those who need the hope of Jesus is a powerful expression of compassion. It means embracing the brokenness of the world with open arms, demonstrating the transformative love of Christ in tangible ways. This courageous approach involves stepping into challenging situations and extending a helping hand to those facing adversity. By entering the messiness of life, we become beacons of hope, embodying the teachings of Jesus through empathy and selfless service. Going into the mess to love people reflects the radical and unconditional love that Jesus exemplified; it's a call to be present in the lives of the marginalized, the hurting, and the lost, sharing the hope of Christ in the darkest corners.

We continued our sermon series covering our 5 values as a church by walking through our second value at Collective Church Kinston NC which is the phrase "Into the Mess." This means that we want to be a church that helps people the way the despised Samaritan helped the hurting man in Luke 10:25-37. Even if it means that people will despise us, we want to bring the hope of Jesus into the messes of Kinston. This means we won't judge people, ride our high horses, and pass people by. Rather we want to get down in the ditches, in the mud, and help people who are hurting because we know what its like to hurt. We want to show the love of God to people who don't think, act, belief, look, vote, or live like us. You can click the button above to watch the entire message and learn more:


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