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Collective Church Kinston NC: Start With Why

collective church kinston nc start with why

Discovering your "why" is an important aspect of following Jesus. Understanding your purpose and knowing your "why" motivates you and anchors you during challenging times. Your "why" become a compass, allowing you to navigate life's complexities with purpose and conviction knowing that God has a plan for it all. In essence, knowing your "why" in following Jesus is not just about blind belief; it's about living a purpose-driven life that aligns with God's plans for your life.

At our grand opening, we started a new series walking through our 5 values as a church. Our very first value at Collective Church Kinston NC is the phrase "Start With Why." There's a book with the same title written by Simon Sinek and in that book he talks about the importance of defining your "why." This "why" becomes the driving force behind every choice, movement, or plan that is made. At Collective Church, our "why" is that Jesus is the greatest hope and we want to do anything short of sin to bring that hope to a broken, hurting, messy world. This is what informs every decision that we make as a church. You can click the button below to watch the entire message and learn more:


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